List of specific skills and associated rates for Christopher Conrad
a.k.a. Digital Archetype
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Consulting - $75 per hour
Includes discussion of any of the below mentioned skills and services including project management, software training, media asset management and information design. Creative and conceptual direction are listed as consulting until they take on another form, as in the translation of ideas into the design of comps or template based architecture for use by any third party for execution.

Visual Design - $45 per hour
Interface design for web and interactive presentations including conceptual comps to provide creative direction for designers or any other members of the development team. Also includes the actual creation of information flow documents or management system designs.

Design assistance/Production - $30 per hour
Any design assistance or production, related to project, that is required for the continued flow of action, resulting in deliverables for the next stage of development. Includes taking templates created by any other third party and developing consecutive templates or the preparation of graphics taken from the templates provided.

MacromediaFlash/Action Scripting or Director/Lingo coding - $50 per hour
This is what it's all about. The beginning of development is usually concept creation, prototyping a "skeletal" piece which provides a collaborative development environment for needed programming, audio inclusion and/or database creation. Motion graphic specifications help ensure scope is maintained while planning interactivity, navigation and interface design.

HTML or Javascripting (coding/programming) - $15 to $30 per hour...I'm slow with this stuff if I don't have a WYSWYG editor. I know how to use those CD's from the "masters" of "this syntax" type books. Don't forget...the web is also a good resource for free/shareware snippets of code if one is willing to do the work needed in adapting the code into other code.

It would be beneficial to your project if custom "Administrative User Interface" screens are developed for your sites continued enhancements and maintenance. Honestly, I hate code and prefer not to touch the stuff but if you want to continue paying me and not doing it yourself.


Christoher Conrad